Job ID: 4895

Employer: Gilead Sciences

Position: Sr Research Associate- Req #8399

Description: Responsibilities for this analytical chemistry development position focus heavily on the development of methods for the analysis of API, drug product, and other samples related to pharmaceutical production. The application of advanced instrumental and wet chemistry techniques will be routine. The development of dissolution methods and the application of research dissolution methods to support drug product development may be routine. Desired skills include HPLC, LCMS, dissolution testing, GC or GCMS, wet chemistry, physical testing, and various other analytical and instrumental techniques to characterize samples relevant pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Experience working in a GMP controlled environment is desirable.

Requirements: Requires a BS degree in a chemical subject and a minimum 5 years of relevant chemistry experience or a MS degree and minimum 3 years of relevant chemistry experience. Demonstrates ability to recognize anomalous and inconsistent results, interpret experimental outcomes, and evaluate the quality of data. Good verbal and written communication skills are required. Previous experience with either mass spec identification of impurities, development of biosimilar dissolution tests, or familiarity with analytical chemistry as applied to organic chemistry are desirable. A demonstrated expertise in wet chemistry and the application of chemical theory to routine problem solving in the laboratory are desirable.

Location: Foster City, CA


Post Date: 2/20/2012 3:00:42 PM
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