Job ID: 4918

Employer: FPC of Cambridge

Position: Group Leader

Description: formulation scientist with a background in sterile product development to lead a team of charismatic scientists. Ophthalmic formulation experience is a plus.

Requirements: BS/MS or Ph.D. supervisory experience is necessary. Some hands-on work is required. Call me to discuss your background! You'll be glad you did

Location: San Francisco Bay area


Post Date: 7/24/2012 10:59:25 AM
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PHARMA INVENTOR INC. Canadian custom synthesis services company based in Vancouver (B.C.), offers inventive & cost-effective contract services to life sciences industries.
Pharmatek Solubility Got You Down? Our toolkit of solubility solutions includes spray drying, micronization, complexation, lipid delivery, lyophilization & more
Intertek Pharmaceutical Services Intertek provides expert pharmaceutical GLP and GCP compliant bioanalysis, cGMP pharmaceutical analysis, auditing and regulatory consulting services.
Pharmatek Hot Rod Chemistry: Only off-the-shelf formulation tool for animal efficacy testing. HRC is proven to solubilize even the most poorly soluble drugs.

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